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Registration for Inquiry and Integration in Education (IIE) 2019 is open. For information, and to register, visit IIE-2019.

ThinQ ( announces a web-course on Inquiry and Integration Education (IIE). With the fourth cohort commencing this year, join the 500+ learners who have already embarked on this immersing journey.

The course starts on 25 May and ends on 26 October 2018.

The deadline for application for the course is 10 May 2018.

ThinQ is a group that believes that the purpose of education must encircle the physical, emotional, intellectual, pragmatic, aesthetic, and ethical wellness of individuals. Such wellness is essential to our ability to understand and change the world around us, and to enable not just success but also enhancement of its entire ecosystem.

In order to develop intellectual wellness and higher order thinking capacities (ThinQ’s focus), the course is designed to:

  1. Broaden your mindset to critical thinking and critical reading that spans and cuts across disciplinary boundaries
  2. Stimulate your ability to inquire, giving structure to your way of thinking
  3. Provide tools that help you deeply understand concepts you wish to learn
  4. Help you develop the ability to engage in independent and lifelong learning
  5. Enhance clarity and rigour in thinking, reasoning, and communication.

The carefully structured subject matter of this course covers a wide range of academic disciplines, including mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, economics, sociology, history, geography, philosophy …

Worried? Relax. Given the experience of previous participants, we assure you that you will have no hesitation in trying to critically understand issues across knowledge domains. What is more, the level of information required of you in each discipline is not more than that of a 10th Grade student.

What do I get out of it?

  1. A capacity to engage in rational inquiry, and become capable debaters
  2. The ability to learn on one’s own, and make decisions in everyday life
  3. An introduction to research across disciplines, without any specialisation
  4. The mental capabilities that allow one to function well in one’s professional, public, and personal lives

And for those who are concerned with educating the young (as educators, parents, education administrators, or policy makers), an opportunity to forge an approach to education that would help the young imbibe and develop a set of important cognitive capacities including rational inquiry, critical reading, critical thinking, and integration of otherwise fragmented knowledge.

You will benefit from IIE-2018, if you are:

  1. interested in improving your inquiry, critical thinking, and integration abilities;
  2. interested in deepening your critical understanding of the issues in the world around you;
  3. a teacher in school or college, teacher trainer/educator, a textbook writer, a curriculum creator or consultant, a parent, the head of a school or college, an official in the education sector, a college student interested in enhancing intellectual abilities, a researcher, or simply anyone with a commitment to sharpening intellectual abilities.

Course Structure

The 22 weeks of the course are organized around three elements:

  1. TEN Learning Triggers (LTs)

    An LT in IIE is typically a package made up of readings and/or videos, designed to develop inquiry, critical thinking, and integration abilities.

    We will mail you a new LT every alternate week. Each LT will have 2 weeks devoted to it. You are expected to actively engage with the material — read/watch, think through, and then send in your responses.

  2. Discussion Forums meant for exploring questions and ideas relevant to inquiry and integration, arising from the discussions in LTs as well as other related ideas.
  3. Face-to-Face Meetings in select cities, depending on the number of participants and the interest level.


Participants who successfully complete the course, upon written request, will receive a course completion certificate. By successful completion, we mean the regularity and quality of submissions in response to the Learning Triggers. It is based on the degree of engagement and of learning that the submissions indicate, and the nature of questions they raise.

Your Investment

The fee for the course is Rs. 15,000 (plus a small convenience charge from the payment gateway), time, and energy to the extent (minimum of 4 hours a week) possible for you.

To register, please fill in the application form.

Application Form

We have a very limited number of partial fee-waivers for those who face genuine and severe financial constraints. If you require a fee waiver, please register for the course, and then send an email, with ‘FEE WAIVER’ as SUBJECT, to