Observational Inquiry (continued)

30 June – 7 July 2018
In LT1 and LT2, we explored a few tools of inquiry, such as observing, introspecting, and reporting the outcomes of observing or introspecting
In LT-3, we turn to another tool of inquiry, namely, generalizing (Reading A), which appears in all the different forms of inquiry. We look especially at how generalizing figures in one particular aspect of scientific inquiry, namely, observational inquiry (Reading B). The second part of the two-part video supports the readings

Part 1 [on LT3-Reading A]
The LT3-Reading A: “Generalizing” is Chapters 3 of the book Introduction to Rational Inquiry.
Read the chapter.
Reflect on what it says about scientific and mathematical inquiries. After such reflection,
Re-read the chapter, and discuss it with interested colleagues or friends.
In engaging with the reading, keep in mind the following questions:
• How is the concept of generalizing related to the concepts of observing and reporting/describing?
• Are there parts that you think we need to clarify further?
Make a note of your thoughts and questions.

Part II [on Video-4, and LT3-Reading B]
Read LT3-Reading B: “Observational Inquiry: Causal Generalizations.”
Watch Video-4: “Observational Inquiry” PART 2 at

Reflect on the following question, and discuss your thoughts with others:
How are the videos and readings related to what we covered in LT-1 and LT-2 ?

At the end of the week, on July 7, you will receive Quiz 3.
The Quiz is to be completed online by July 9.
Further details for submission will be given as part of the Quiz.