Mathematical and Scientific Inquiry

14 - 21 July

In LT1, LT2, and LT3, we explored some tools of inquiry: observing, introspecting, reporting the outcomes of observing or introspecting, and generalizing our observations.  

In LT-4, we look at yet another tool of inquiry, namely, classifying (Reading A), which too appears in all the different forms of inquiry. We look especially at different ways of classifying, and how we choose between the alternatives. We also get a glimpse into mathematical and scientific proofs, and how they differ (Reading B).  

Part 1 [on LT4-Reading A]

The LT4-Reading A: “Classifying”  is Chapters 4 of the book Introduction to Rational Inquiry.

Read the chapter. Reflect on what it says about classification. In engaging with the reading, keep in mind the following questions:

  • How are the ideas of classifying and classificatory systems related to the tools of inquiry we have seen so far?
  • Are there parts that you think we need to clarify further?

Make a note of your thoughts and questions.

Part II  [on Video-5, and LT4-Reading B]

Read  LT4-Reading B: “I Was Five Years Old When My Grandmother Was Born.”  

Watch Video-5 “Axioms, Definitions, and Proofs”

Reflect on the following question, and discuss your thoughts with others:

How are the videos and readings related to what we covered in LT 1-3?


At the end of the week, on July 21, you will receive Quiz 4.

The Quiz is to be completed online by July 23.

Further details for submission will be given as part of the Quiz.