Mathematical Inquiry (contd.)

11 July – 24 August 2018

We are at the midway point in the course. This may be a good place to point out that the quizzes at the end of an LT are not primarily for assessment; rather, you should look at them as learning opportunities. The way ThinQ sees it, each bi-weekly Module is made up of three sets of triggers:

Primary Learning Trigger: the LT package readings and videos [directed inquiry]

Secondary Learning Trigger: the Quiz and Consolidated Feedback [individual inquiry]

Tertiary Learning Trigger: the Discussion Forum activity [collective inquiry]

In LT 6, we continue our journey through the mode of Mathematical Inquiry. Reading A explores a crucial tool of inquiry, namely, reasoning, and takes us through the steps of reasoning. It looks at why we need this tool not only across academic domains but in our everyday life as well; and how it is intricately tied up with the other tools we already have in our inquiry kit.

Reading B in LT 6 extends Reading B of LT5, by probing further into the pieces that go into constructing a mathematical theory, and how we prove a conjecture so it becomes a theorem.

Part 1 [on LT6-Reading A]

The LT6-Reading A: “Reasoning” is Chapters 6 of the book Introduction to Rational Inquiry.

Read the chapter. Reflect on what it says about reasoning and its place in academic and everyday domains. In engaging with the reading, keep in mind the following questions:

  • How is reasoning related to observing, generalizing, classifying, and defining?
  • Are there parts that you think we need to clarify further?

Make a note of your thoughts and questions.

Part II [Video-7 (set of 4 parts), and LT6-Reading B]

Read LT6-Reading B: “Mathematical Inquiry: Part 2.”

Watch Parts 3B, 4A, 4B, and 4C of the set of 8 videos (a series) on Mathematical Inquiry here


Reflect on the following question, and discuss your thoughts with others:

How do the videos and readings contribute to a better understanding of Mathematics and Mathematical Inquiry, especially in relation to Science and Scientific Inquiry?


At the end of the week, on August 18, you will receive Quiz 6.

The Quiz is to be completed online by August 20.

Further details for submission will be given as part of the Quiz.