Modes of Inquiry

8 – 15 September 2018

LT8 looks at some of the methodological strategies of mathematical, scientific, and philosophical inquiries. Bringing together these different inquiries is important because engaging with mathematical and philosophical theory construction provides a useful backdrop for scientific theory construction.

Part 1 [on LT8-Reading A]

There is only one reading for LT8: Reading A “From Questions to Conclusions.” This is chapter 8 of the book Introduction to Rational Inquiry.

Read the chapter. Reflect on what it says about the terrain of inquiry, and the strategies of inquiry across domains.

Are there parts that you think we need to clarify further? Make a note of your thoughts and questions.

Part II [Video-8 (set of 7 parts)]

Watch the 7-Part series of videos on Theoretical Scientific Inquiry

Reflect on the following question, and discuss your thoughts with others:

How do the videos contribute to a better understanding of Science and Scientific Inquiry?


At the end of the week, on September 15, you will receive Quiz 8.

The Quiz is to be completed online by September 17.

Further details for submission will be given as part of the Quiz.