Critical Reading, Critical Thinking, Debating, and Reflection

7 - 15 Oct 2018

With LT 10, we come to the last LT of IIE-2018. This is perhaps the time to return to all the previous LT readings, and see for yourself if they form a coherent picture of tools of inquiry — observing, reporting observations, generalizing, classifying, defining, formulating observational generalizations, explaining them using reasoning to justify conclusions, thinking critically about conclusions and their justification, arguing for a position, and using all these tools to engage in constructing theories.

Part 1 [on LT10-Reading A]

LT10-Reading A: “Debating” is Chapter 10 of the book Introduction to Rational Inquiry. Read the chapter and reflect on how it is related to all the previous chapters. Make a note of your thoughts, ideas, and questions.

Part II

Part II of LT 10 is different from all the other LTs. There are FIVE pieces for you to read. Please read each of them carefully. The readings are:

  1. IIE-2018-LT10-2-Moral-Ethical Inquiry.pdf

Many of you have been waiting for further readings on/demonstrations of how rational inquiry plays a role outside of Math and the Sciences. We hope this reading will give you another whiff of how this can be done.

  1. IIE-2018-LT10-3-Levels of Learning.pdf

A version of this document was sent to you at the beginning of the course as part of an Introduction to the Course. It would be a good idea to go through it again now, at the end of the course, in light of what you have learnt.

  1. IIE-2018-LT10-4-What Makes ThinQ Unique.pdf

Having gone through IIE, we believe you will now be better able to appreciate what ThinQ is trying to achieve, reflect on whether or not you resonate to the enterprise, and if you do, think about how you can take forward what you take away from the course.

  1. IIE-2018-LT10-5-Reflections on IIE.pdf

This gives you one particular perspective on IIE, the online course, within ThinQ’s larger enterprise.

  1. IIE-2018-LT10-6-Your Reflections.pdf

This is your assignment for LT 10, in two parts. It takes the place of the Quiz.



LT 10 Assignment will be available online on October 13.

Please submit your answers by Monday, October 15, 8 pm at: