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Bayesian Priests and Girls

In Classical Deductive reasoning, you cannot say anything about Q -> P from P -> Q. However, probabilistic reasoning allows you to say something about the probability of Q given P from the probability of P given Q. The attached document explores this through two examples.


Bayesian Priests and Girls.pdf


biases probability exposition justifying scientific inquiry

What is Science?




science exposition reasoning justifying conceptual inquiry scientific inquiry

Introduction to Justification

Providing students with the ability to justify claims is one of the basic commitments of Inquiry Oriented Education. The attached documents explores the concepts involved in justification as well as bunch of exercises and examples for students to engage with.




exposition humanistic inquiry textbook chapter justifying scientific inquiry mathematical inquiry

Paper Folding Geometry

This document contains tasks to introduce mathematical thinking to students, including defining objects, coming up with conjectures, stating axioms precisely, and proving conjectures from axioms and definitions.


PaperFoldingGeometryJuly 2011.pdf


mathematics justifying conjecturing proving mathematical inquiry

Straw Shape Geometry

The attached documents are an example of a mathematical inquiry class. This is an example of a class which can be taken with students who are not yet ready for the rigor of proofs. It requires students to come up with conjectures after being exposed to curated examples of shapes made of straw.


Math Inq-Unit 1-Student-Straw-Shapes.pdf

Math Inq-Unit 1-Teacher-Straw-Shapes.pdf


lesson handout mathematics justifying conjecturing proving lesson plan mathematical inquiry