ThinQ is committed to creating a world where

  • the mind delights in imagining and discovering

  • wondering, asking questions, and finding one’s own answers, are a way of life

  • making mistakes and failing are welcome in a day’s learning.

Our core commitment

In the world today, we need capabilities such as independent learning, critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving and decision making, which transcend narrow specialisations.

We view education as the process of all-round development of mental capacities, empowering us to think, inquire, and question, and preparing us for a life of intellectual engagement, responsible citizenship, and compassionate action.

Our hope is that a direct consequence of this process would be the flourishing of the individual, and the well-being of the planet with all its inhabitants, along the physical, emotional, intellectual, material, pragmatic, societal, aesthetic, and ethical dimensions.

Within this broad vision, ThinQ's primary commitment is to nurture the intellectual dimension, in particular, the capacities that go into Inquiry, Integration, and Deep Understanding, as these are crucial components of Academic Intelligence.

Our aim

  • Creating learning and teaching resources aimed at facilitating Inquiry-Oriented Learning, including audio, video, and text material, with exposition, activities, worksheets, and learning triggers that help develop inquiry abilities.

  • Creating assessment tasks that test inquiry and critical thinking abilities.

  • Developing a network of resource persons who can empower teachers through workshops and online interactions.

  • Providing curriculum support to schools and school systems, to create learning environments in harmony with inquiry and critical thinking abilities.

  • Partnering with like-minded individuals and groups to work towards a better world through education.