In order to achieve our goals of deep understanding, inquiry and integration, ThinQ:

  1. Designs inquiry and integration curricula, syllabi, textbooks, lesson plans, learning tasks, and assessment tasks. You can see examples of materials created by us here.

  2. Helps institutions (primary, secondary and tertiary) setup courses in inquiry and integration. We have already started courses in IISER, Pune and College of Engineering, Pune, and will soon be starting courses in a more universities and schools.

  3. Curates resources in the form of books, videos, audio, text, etc. which are useful in improving your Inquiry and Integration abilities. You can see some of these here.

  4. Runs workshops to develop Inquiry and Integration abilities for educators, students, as well as interested adults looking to improve their thinking abilities. You can read more about our workshops here.

  5. Runs Inquiry and Integration courses (online and face-to-face):

    1. For educators (primary, secondary and tertiary). The most recent course for educators is Inquiry and Integration in Education, 2015.

    2. Directly for students or for interested adults. Some of these courses are available here. A few more will be available soon.