Welcome to Inquiry and Integration in Education (IIE)-2017!


Over the next 4 months, we look forward to an intensive, enjoyable intellectual adventure with you. This introductory note is meant to give you the lay of the IIE-2017 land.

The following documents documents should give you a good idea of what to expect in the course, what is expected of you, how best to approach the course, and how to navigate through it:

            1.         Course Outline

            2.         Course Structure 1: Learning Triggers; Face-to-Face Meetings

            3.         Course Structure 2: Discussion Forums and Instructions    

            4.         Course Calendar

You will receive another set of notes around May 14. On May 14, you will also receive your Registration Number. The course begins on May 15.

Please read all the documents carefully, re-read them if necessary, and familiarize yourself with the material as preparation for the course. Let us make it a point to follow the guidelines in these documents so that the journey is as smooth as possible for us all, and that each one of you gets to make the most of it.. 


Organization of IIE

The duration of IIE is 17 weeks (four months). The weeks are organized around three elements:

        1     Six Learning Triggers (LTs). 

        2     Google Discussion Forums: (i) The LT Forum;  (ii) The Open Forum

        3     Face-to-Face Meetings in some cities

Your name will be added to both the Discussion Forums between 8 and 14 May. If you don’t hear from us by May 14, please email us at iie2017@schoolofthinq.com

More details on each of the three elements are given in the two documents called Course Structure 1 and Course Structure 2.


Completion of the Course

The criteria for successful completion of the course are:

       1.   Regularity of submissions on Learning Triggers

       2.   Quality of submissions in terms of depth of reflection and learning 


Your participation in the Open Forum is not required for successful completion of the course. However, we encourage you to participate in the Open Forum. It can only make your learning deeper. At the end of the course, if you need a certificate, please write to us. If you have completed the course successfully, we will issue one.