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Rational Inquiry Workshop

Inquiry Oriented Education is a form of education aimed at providing students with inquiry abilities, tools, concepts and mindsets in order for them to be able to come up with and clarify questions; come up with claims, justify them and evaluate them. This video is part of a series of videos taken at a 5 day workshop on Rational Inquiry and Inquiry Oriented Education conducted with 9th Grade students in May 2014. The workshop was conducted by ThinQ ( in collaboration with IISER Pune ( with funding from The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

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IIE 2015 Students Workshop

During the IIE 2015 Face-to-Face workshop, there was a one day workshop with students from the Kaveri Group of Schools.

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IIE 2015 Workshop

This is the Face-to-Face Workshop for the online course, Inquiry and Integration in Education 2015.

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Representational Systems, Classification and Structure

Welcome to a new series on Representational Systems, Classification and Structure. In this series, we focus on the transdisciplinary notions of representation, classification and structure through examples which span disciplines. We hope to give a glimpse of some thinking tools used to construct representations of classificatory systems and structure, evaluate them, and choose between them in situations right from mathematics to biology to sociology to epistemology.

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Introduction to Rational Inquiry

This is a textbook for High School and first year Undergraduates aiming at developing in students the ability to think like a mathematician, like a scientist, like a philosopher, like an ethicist, like a historian etc.

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Assorted Expositions

Each of these modules gives an introduction to concepts important for transdisciplinary inquiry and research.

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Introduction to Research

This is a transdisciplinary course on research taught by K.P. Mohanan at IISER, Pune. The goal of this course is to give students general research abilities which would help them in whichever discipline they choose to conduct research.

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Introduction to Syntax and Semantics

This is a course on Syntax and Semantics for non-linguists taught by K.P. Mohanan (PhD, MIT in Linguistics, former Professor of Linguistics at Stanford University, founder of the Linguistics program at the National University of Singapore (NUS) along with Tara Mohanan, and currently Professor of Integrated Studies at IISER, Pune). Apart from an introduction to Linguistics, the aim of this course is to give students a sense of how scientists construct theories by stating laws, deducing predictions of those laws, and testing those predictions.

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Mathematical Thinking & Inquiry

This Resource Package aims to introduce students to mathematical thinking and inquiry. This involves concepts such as axiom, definition, conjecture, proof and theorem. They are also introducted to concepts such as generalisation and extension. The first three chapters are meant to draw in students to mathematical thinking, using examples of situations and objects they are familiar with or can play with. The rest of the package involves students addressing a particular question in a world only inhabited by straight lines.

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